PPG Paint Performance

You won't see this symbol along the roadside . . .

But you'll see it in our shop!

As a PPG Certified Collision Repair Center, this shop uses a paint refinish system made by the world leader in automotive finishes - and it backs up its quality work with the Lifetime PPG Paint Performance Guarantee.

That's right. PPG guarantees the durability of any paint work performed to its certification standards for as long as you own your vehicle. The Guarantee covers the areas of your vehicle which are refinished beginning the day the vehicle is delivered from this certified shop back to you. It provides full coverage for the following:

  • Peeling or delamination of the top coat and/or other layers of paint.
  • Cracking or checking.
  • Loss of gloss caused by cracking, checking or hazing.
  • Any paint failure caused by defective PPG automotive refinish products.

PPG and its reputation for world class quality.

PPG Industries, Inc. formerly known as Pittsburgh Plate Glass, is a worldwide supplier of automotive and house paint as well as industrial coatings, fiberglass, glass and chemicals.

PPG's sterling reputation for quality is a good reason why almost every car manufacturer across the globe utilizes PPG coatings technology on their new vehicle finishes.

This close working relationship with automotive manufacturers gives PPG the inside track on developing exact color matches and the right paint technology required to repair your vehicle's finish.

You probably see our paint everyday!

From new family cars and minivans to over-the-road haulers and 200-mph race machines, there are millions of vehicles on the road today wearing a coat of PPG automotive paint.

Glamorous color, deep gloss and impressive durability are good reasons why PPG paint is so popular. In fact, the Deltron Basecoat-Clearcoat system from PPG is the number one choice of collision repair shops across North America.

PPG popularity extends off road and onto the race track where if you've watched the Indy 500 you've seen our paint finishes. We are proud to say that all race teams participating in the FedEx Championship Series for the PPG Cup and the PPG/Dayton Indy Lights Championship race series insist on a paint finish from PPG.

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