Passion & Pride

It became official on September 28, 1998, D&K Collision & Refinish was open for business. However, it was conceived, the first time that I swung a hammer at a fender. Fortunately, I have been blessed throughout my life, with the gifts of passion and pride. This passion and pride has fueled my desire to create a collision and refinish shop like no other, a shop that has compassion for our customers. We actually try to understand the needs of our customers by helping them through the claims process. Our customers are not just another repair order number. They’re people just like us. People who have had a bad turn of events and were fortunate enough to have found their way to their friends at D&K Collision & Refinish. All of my life I have taken pride in the things that I have achieved. My pride has driven me to develop methods of repair that allow us to raise the standard of repairs in the collision industry and still have the time to treat our customers like people, not numbers. I am constantly working to teach my employees these methods and instill in them the value of pride. The countless hours that we have put in over the years are a testimonial to the passion and pride found at D&K Collision & Refinish !